PANI Broadcasts

PANI Broadcasts

From TWR’s broadcasts into Pakistan, Afghanistan, and North India (PANI), we receive about 400 responses each month from those who want to know more about Jesus. As they hear about him in their heart languages, they are asking good questions and considering his teachings.

The programs cover the stories of the Old Testament prophets, healthy family relationships, testimonies of new believers, and how to start a home church. One listener said, “I learned to be a believer from TWR, and I can tell you with all my heart that I am a believer in Jesus. I learned to live humbly from you people. I am an educated man and had several good jobs, but then I got diabetes and lost my vision, which was very hard for me, but from the programs I learned that God loves me.”

A gift to our goal of $180,000 for the coming year will help TWR to continue introducing people to the Savior in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and North India.

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